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This blog is principally about Geospatial Technology and more specifically about how the geospatial gospel is spreading in Africa. It’s goal is to report/discuss about Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Geospatial Technology (GT) in the continent. Hence, the name « Geog-aphric » which I coined from the adjectival declension of « Geography » in order to derive the sound « a<f>ric » in it. However, given that the Geospatial Revolution is centered elsewhere, my “Geo Blah Blah” will not be limited to Africa only. Thus, sometimes you may even find that I am writing mostly about GIS and GT in general.


Beyond “All Things Geospatial”, I intend this blog to be an outlet to publish short/long stories and/or personal opinion pieces regarding PESTEL issues (political, economic, social, technical non-Geo, environmental, and legal) that concern both Africa (Senegal in particular) and the World. These PESTEL posts are published under the « MISCELLANY » menu/category.


Besides, as you can see, this blog is bilingual (French and English) and the posts could be in either language. Heck, I can’t even guaranty you that you will not stumble into a mix of both languages in the same post, although I’ll do my best to not get you mixed up reading my « ramblings » (apologies sought in advance…).


That said, remember that this is a blog, which means that more often than not, the most recent post is always on top. So when I write a long piece on a specific subject, I will slice it into a series of smaller interrelated posts that will display one after the other. When that happens, please make sure you read them from the bottom-up in order to stay in the « continuum » of the story.


Also, this is a single menu blog, that is the above menus/sub-menus do not have the functionalities you would expect from a traditional menu-driven website. Instead, they’re simply categories/themes that I blog about and which I use to organize my posts. Each category or sub-category link to a page that display a short explanation of what that category is about. Therefore, don’t click on them expecting to find a post to read. All the posts are accessible directly from the front page.


Finally, I hope you enjoy reading this blog. Don’t hesitate to chime in and give your opinion on things, whatever your opinion is. Please be courteous. Should you want to post an opinion of yourself here about any subject of your choosing, you are most welcome; the “MISCELLANY” menu/category is reserved for that.

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